The Kissables Worldwide is a Kisses Delavin and Kissables Support group where everybody is welcome regardless of what love team you are shipping.

The Kissables Worldwide provides support to all Kissables who wants to join events and see Kisses in action.  This Support group’s members are for kissables around the world who wish to be part of all the “ganaps” of Kisses and Kissables, but not limited to just the Kissables abroad, Pinas based Kissables are very much welcome to join.

Benefits of Being a Certified The Kissables Worldwide member:

  1. We provide T-shirts as uniforms when there are events
  2. Tickets to concerts and appearances
  3. Magazine that features Kisses Delavin
  4. Merchandises and freebies
  5. To be featured in vlogs provided by vlogger members of The Kissables Worldwide fans club.
  6. Grow your social media followers
  7. Exclusive gatherings or parties by the group.
  8. and a lot more.